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Computer tomography

METHOD SECTION X-ray imaging

imagine ct
Computer tomography Siemens Somatom Emotion: Images of the highest quality using very low doses of X-ray (CARE Dose 4D). The method used to assess vascular pathology and Cranio-cerebral trauma, of the vascular malformation, tumor lesions come and extranevraxiale, a degenerative pathology, diagnosis orbit and sinuses of the face, diagnosis and evolutionary balance of inflammatory and tumor diseases of horses aero-digestive adenopatiilor cervical assessment, the pathology of cervical soft parts, characterization and imaging of focal lesions and diffuse parenchymal lung diseases of mediastinal tumor and netumorale, including vascular, inflammatory and infectious malformation and / or trauma, diagnosis ....

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Magnetic Resonance

MULTIPLANARE non-invasive method using magnetic field

imagine irm craniu
Magnetic Resonance Siemens Magnetom Symphony 1.5 Tesla. High resolution imaging study used to assess upper vascular pathology, including studies Angioi MRI of the congenital malformation-including "vitro" tumor lesions, inflammatory and infectious extranevraxiale enter and central nervous system and peripheral detection more cerebrovascular lesions and early small to degenerative white matter pathology and gray, orbit and sinuses facial afectinilor diagnosis, diagnosis and evolutionary balance of inflammatory diseases and aero-digestive tract tumor, cervical adenopatiilor assessment, evaluation of focal pathology can characterize the breast with malignant lesions of the upper and ...

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